What Does SMS Mean

What Does SMS Mean

SMS stands for short message service. SMS is also often referred to as texting, sending text messages or text messaging. The service allows for short text messages to be sent from one cell phone to another cell phone or from the Web to another cell phone. Including spaces, text messages traditionally canít exceed 160 characters.

SMS messages often use T9 predictive technology. T9 makes text messaging faster and more efficient on non-QWERTY cell phones without full keyboards. MMS, which is often used to send pictures, extends upon SMS and allows for longer content lengths. Some cell phones have full keyboards for faster texting whereas others require numbers to be tapped multiple times to achieve a particular letter. While the bulk of a cell phone bill typically is its voice minutes or data usage, text messages are either included in the voice plan or are added as an extra cost. SMS messaging is used pervasively around the globe.

How does sms work?

The entire GSM network operators have Message Centre, which is responsible for the operation of the data. If someone deliver the news/data to others by cellphone, then this news should be through the Message Centre of the network operator, and the MC can quickly find the news recipient . MC adds to chronicle the news, and the time of the conductor nombor news and deliver the news to the recipient news. If the recipient handphone is not active, the MC or message center will keep the news and will soon lead him if recipient handphone connected to the network

What is SMS-MT, SMS-MO and SMS-CB?

Are there all handphone have the ease of SMS?

A Handphone has all the facilities to receive news or SMS (SMS-MT). But the old model of the handphones do not easily deliver message (SMS-MO). Usually a whole new handphone deliver convenience and receive SMS.

What needs to be done to be able to receive SMS?

Nothing to be done. Shortly after you receive the phone then you can immediately read the SMS that your phone screen.

What needs to be done to be able to deliver the SMS?

Before you deliver SMS for the first time, you must enter Message Centre's number of the carrier or network you are using. This number is entered only once and will be automatic in to save your phone. This nombor usually already present on the SIM card. If not then you may as well call the operator.

How to deliver the SMS?

From your phone menu, select the "write message". Then, using your phone keypad, write your message (maximum 160 characters). After that you will be asked nombor recipient, enter the page and send your SMS or conductivity.

How much is the cost of sms ?

The Cost operator depend on your GSM network, usually about 10 cents to 30 cents . Cost is only there to deliver SMS. Perhaps operators take that boarders from receiving SMS . From the internet you can also deliver SMS . †

Why use sms

With SMS you can deliver message addition , it can also deliver important personal information ( account number , phone , etc. ) to others , safely . So that the recipient can keep it in the news or info cellphone , and can look back on when needed . In addition of course our SMS boarding alleviate , if not necessary since orally.

How save using sms?

Although until now SMS is still arguably survived , but of course as a product created by man , It would have holes in safety systems . But for everyday purposes , which do not actually need salvation , SMS can still be said to be safe .

Can we send an email with SMS ?

Yes we can send emails with ease SMS. Few operators have provided these services .

Why SMS / text message is limited by 160 characters ?

Have you ever wondered why a text message is limited to 160 characters? Well itís actually a pretty unscientific reason, here a story as to why our beloved text messages are only 160 characters :

So back in 1985 there was this guy named Friedhelm Hillebrand, who was the chairman of the non-voice services committee within the Global System for Mobile Communications (GSM), a group that sets standards for the majority of the global mobile market. This guy had the task of setting the limit on the amount of characters a text message could contain.

To do this, Friedhelm sat at his typewriter, typing out random sentences and questions on a sheet of paper to see what the average amount of characters he used was. He found that each set of sentences, ran just under 160 characters in length. That was good enough for him, so he told his committee that text messages or sms would be limited to 160 characters. This is the most scientific reason we ever knew right?

Friedhelmís methods didnít sit well with the rest of the committee, as they doubted a text message limited to 160 characters would be enough space to prove a useful form of communication. So to calm their fears, he backed up his assumption of limiting text messages to 160 characters by doing the following ďmarket researchĒ.

1. Friedhelm took a bunch of postcards that he had received and found that often these postcards contained fewer than 150 characters. By this finding, he was being nice by offering consumers an additional 10 characters.

2. Friedhelm then analyzed a bunch of messages sent through Telex (a telegraphy network for business professionals). Even though these Telex transmissions didnít have a limit on the amount of characters they were able to send, he found that on average the Telex messages were about the same length as the postcards.

When and Who discovered / invented the SMS ?

SMS or Short Messaging Service was invented initially in 1982 and SMS on mobile phones first used in 1992, the first sms or message was not sent from mobile phone to other mobile phone but a message was sent from a computer to a mobile phone, later a year later in 1993 direct sms from mobile phone to other mobile phone messages were done with first used in the public market with a Vodafone device in the United Kingdom. The concept of SMS was developed in the Franco-German GSM cooperation at 1984 by Friedhelm Hillebrand and Bernard Ghillebaert.

What is the difference between SMS and MMS

Well, sms as you know is a short for Short Message Service While MMS is a short for Multimedia Messaging Service means with MMS you can send and receive not only a text messages but also a media content such as sound, pictures and videos.

SMS today

SMS messages sent monthly in USA (billion), source : wikipedia

In 2010, statistic shows 6.1 trillion SMS text messages were sent. This results into an average of 193,000 SMS per second, can you believe that? SMS has become a massive commercial industry, earning $114.6 billion globally in 2010. The global average price for an SMS message is $0.11, while mobile networks charge each other interconnect fees of at least $0.04 when connecting between different phone networks, sometimes the mobile networks give a free sms to its users.

While SMS is still a growing market, traditional SMS are becoming increasingly challenged by alternative messaging services available on smartphones with data connections such as BBM(Black Berry Messager), social media, etc especially in Western countries where these services are growing in popularity.

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